Growth and Development of the inner Christian: Pathways to spiritual Experience
Course synopsis

This journey into the inner world of the soul uses visuals, music, Greek exegesis, and case examples to suggest that there are reliable answers to the question that troubles many people, "How can I discern and experience God's presence and activity in my  life?" A detailed study of the structure of the soul is described from the Bible and from psychology. Stories from the lives of patients aid our understanding of the action  of sin and fragmentation in our soul and deepen our appreciation for the meaning of wholeness. Stages of the spiritual pilgrimage are explored, and attentive listeners will in the first part develop a firmer sense of the soul's terrain and the sanctification process.

After exploring their apostolic roots important concepts and tools for spiritual growth are discussed.  Following Christ's call  through  scriptural meditation, symbolic understandings, dreams, imagistic prayer, the Jesus prayer, and spiritual journaling are introduced and encouraged.

Goals: 1) For each listener to be refreshed from their personal experience of the presence of God and convinced that the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven within us will be opened if we humbly ask, seek and knock. 
2) To provide understandings of the soul that will increase confidence in approaching God within. 
3) To develop discernment regarding psychological and spiritual experience. 
4) To give tools and encouragement for developing the inner life and for finding the living Christ within.
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